Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Boux Avenue

I’ve seen many a blogger raving about Boux Avenue so I decided to see what all the fuss is about and place an order myself. The main thing I wanted to buy was a bikini for my holiday at the end of August. I wasn’t going to wear one because I feel so self conscious about my stomach, but I then decided that I will only be wearing it in the hot tub our family will share so thought it was the perfect opportunity to test my confidence.

I spent a while browsing through the website and found quite a few bikinis I liked, only to find they were all out of stock, which was rather disappointing. However, I eventually found one in stock that I liked and popped it in my basket.

Now, I’m the kind of person who can’t just put one thing in their basket! So, after choosing my bikini I decided to browse some of the other underwear. There are so many beautiful bras and knickers on offer; it was hard work only picking a few! In the end I decided upon three pairs of pretty knickers, which were on a 3 for 2 offer, and popped those in my basket as well.

A few days later I was so excited to see this pretty little box arrive in the post. On opening it up, I was greeted by this beautiful gift-wrapping, which was a completely free option that I clicked on at the checkout. I think it’s a lovely finishing touch, even if you are only buying for yourself.

I wasn’t disappointed by the contents of the box either.

The garments were presented attractively inside the pink gift-wrap, scattered with rose petals. The knickers are incredibly soft and so comfortable and the bikini fits me like a glove. I will definitely be buying from Boux Avenue again in the near future and would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for lingerie or swimwear.

Have you bought anything from Boux Avenue before, or have I tempted you to check them out?


  1. That's such a pretty bikini. Boux Avenue is a website I go on quite a bit but I never end up buying anything as I'm too scared to part with that much of my money when I haven't bought anything from there before. I try to take advantage of their sales but I always get there too late and everything in my size is sold out haha. Same thing happened when I went into store the other week. That bikini is really pretty though. I WILL shop at Boux Avenue soon haha.

    1. I would definitely recommend it Linderella - after this purchase I will definitely be shopping with them again :) xx

  2. My friend has recommended them to me, and I agree everything there pretty much is so beautiful. I really need to save my pennies and treat myself, I have such boring undies!
    Stunningly Inept

    1. I hope you get to treat yourself soon Isabel - their products are really lovely xx