Monday, 21 July 2014

Primark and River Island Haul

Fairly recently my Mum took me on a little shopping trip in my wheelchair and the first place we headed was good old Primark! That’s the one thing I really miss about shopping – all the rest of the shops I can do online, but Primark has to be visited in person. So, I was wheeled round the shop and this time round I managed to pick up quite a few nice bits and bobs for summer! I’ve also done a tiny bit of shopping on the River Island website, so thought I’d include my purchases in this post too. I’ll begin with my Primark bits though.

One of the first things we came across in the store was a whole rail full of different t-shirts, including this ‘Happy’ one. I love it because it’s fairly thin, so brilliant for this hot muggy weather, and whenever I wear it, it helps me remind myself to try and be happy.

Next to the rail of ‘Happy’ t-shirts were these similar tops, with the phrase ‘Dream It, Wish It, Do It,’ which is one of my favourite sayings. I knew I had to put one in my basket and it’s also lovely and thin material so it’s been brilliant for the last week or so.

You’ll probably know by now that I’m a bit obsessed with Disney, so when these leggings caught my eye they went straight into the basket. They were on a rail completely on their own and in my size, so I decided it must have been fate!

Please ignore the fact I've forgotten to take the label off!

I’ve been looking for a nice maxi skirt for ages but never seem to find anything that I really like. Primark has loads of different options, but when I saw this pretty floral number I knew I’d found the one. Unfortunately when I got it home I found the material was coming away from the waistline, but thanks to my thrifty Mum it has now been fixed and fits me perfectly.

I’m getting really into skirts this summer. I spent most of last summer wearing trousers because I felt too self-conscious to show my legs, but this summer I’ve decided to fight against that critical voice in my head and wear what I like. River Island has had some lovely skater style skirts on offer, and most of the ones I picked up were in the sale, so even better! This pink one particularly caught my eye, most probably due to the colour!

The pattern on this blue skirt really stood out to me when I saw it online, so I was thrilled when it arrived and it looked even better in person. It’s just the right length for my figure and feels really comfortable to wear.

I first saw this skirt on a friend’s Instagram and really fell in love with it. After finding out she had bought it in the River Island sale I quickly went online, only to find that they no longer had my size. I left it at that, but then a few days later, after popping out shopping, my Mum surprised me with this very skirt in my size! She’d gone into River Island on her shopping trip after hearing me talk about how much I loved the skirt and managed to pick one up for me. Aren’t Mums the best?!

Have you checked out Primark or River Island recently? Have you been doing much shopping in the summer sales?


  1. nice picks hun, I like that long skirt <3 you look gorge in all of these cloths