Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Olivia Burton Watches

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for pretty watches. I love that something so functional can be made to look so stylish and fashionable, and I feel I can justify spending a bit more on a watch because for me it is such a necessary item. When browsing ASOS fairly recently, I came across this gorgeous watch from Olivia Burton.


At £55 I thought it was incredibly reasonable for how sleek and stylish it was, so I decided to look up Olivia Burton and see what else they had to offer. I was also lucky enough to talk to Jane from the company, who sent me over some more information about the watches so I could tell you a bit more about them.

Olivia Burton was founded in 2012 in London and is now stocked in a string of impressive stores including John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Anthropologie and ASOS. The designs are strikingly original, but still very contemporary in style, which make them a much lusted after purchase.


As I mentioned above, the prices are incredibly reasonable, ranging from £55 to £125, which I think is incredibly affordable for a statement watch that doesn’t compromise on quality. The finest materials are used to carefully craft each individual piece and meticulous attention to detail sets the brand apart from other watches.


I love how clean and simple the designs are. I tend to find that a lot of designer watches can be quite difficult to read due to embellishments and the material they are made from. This is not a problem with the ranges from Olivia Burton. All the clock faces are clear and simple, even those with more decorative designs still seem to be easy to read.


There are a huge range of designs to choose from, including neons, florals, animals and more simple designs, such as this Modern Vintage Tan and Gold watch for a very reasonable £65.


If you’re interested in looking at the wider range of designs, you can find them here at the Olivia Burton website. One of my favourite watches is this Rose Gold Metallic one for £75, which is bang on trend at the moment. I’ve seen so many rose gold watches in the shops, but I think this one is particularly great – it has a simple, easy to read face, beautiful number detailing and strap and a fantastic price. I will definitely be putting one of these watches on my wish list. Now comes the difficult job of choosing which one!


Have you seen the watches by Olivia Burton before? Do you already have one or are you putting one on your own wish list?


  1. They are all so pretty! I don't own one myself, but I'd happily accept one if somebody wanted to give me one ;)
    I hope you've been feeling as well as possible lately Jenny!

    Hayley-Eszti |

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they Hayley! Thank you hun that's very kind of you :) xx