Wednesday, 16 July 2014


So you’ve probably read the title of this post and wondered what on earth it might be about (unless you speak this particular language that is!) As you know, I’m trying to champion small businesses through my blog. I’ve come across so many gorgeous products made by such lovely people – it’s opened up a whole new world of gift ideas and little treats for me, so I’d really recommend having a browse around places like Instagram and Etsy.

Fairly recently I came across the lovely Cecile on Instagram. I was drawn to her feed by her beautiful pastel photos and I wanted to see more and more. I then saw that she had an Etsy page, so went to check it out and was pleasantly surprised to find a whole range of gorgeous postcards, very similar to the photos she was posting on Instagram. Cecile actually contacted me when I asked for pen pals, and went on to send me the most beautiful post I think I have ever received, as well as a selection of her postcards, which are just as lovely in person as they look on her shop.

Despite the name of her shop being in her home language (it means Dream Colours in English) the rest of her store is in English and she will ship world wide for very reasonable prices. You can check out her Etsy shop here and Cecile asked me to make sure I let you know that with every order you will get a few postcard, and your order will be wrapped nicely (I can vouch for this from the way my post was sent to me!)

If the shop isn’t enough for you, Cecile also has a stunning photography portfolio that you can find here and check out even more of her lovely photographs.

She is the most lovely, humble person to talk to, after going through a lot of difficult times in the last few years. I love her outlook on life, so even if you just want to talk to her I’d really recommend contacting her through her Etsy shop to say hello!

What do you think of Cecile’s products? Do you follow her Instagram or have you bought from her before?


  1. Her shop looks FAB! I will be having a look at it later on. Popping over from xxx

    1. That's great Honey I hope you find lots of things you like there :) xx