Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Blogger of the Month - Victoria's Vintage

If you read my post last month, you’ll know that I’ve started a new series on my blog called Blogger of the Month. Each month I will post about one of my favourite bloggers and why I love them so much. I always love finding new blogs to read, so I thought this would be a nice way to introduce you to bloggers that I love following. Some will be big bloggers with thousands of followers, while others will be new and up-and-coming, perhaps with only a few followers at the moment. The only criteria that I stick to is that I love their blog!

So, let me introduce you to my July Blogger of the Month; Victoria over at Victoria's Vintage.

I’ve had Victoria’s blog on my Bloglovin’ for a few years now, and hers was one of the first blogs I ever followed. Her colour scheme and down to earth writing really enchanted me and I always make a point of checking out her blog to see what she’s written next. As well as following her blog, I have also liked her Facebook page and follow her lovely photos on Instagram. I thought I’d take you through some of the reasons I love this blog so much.


Victoria’s Vintage is a very personal blog, in that there are always lots of photos of Victoria and her life, which I really love. I feel like we get to know the lady behind the blog really well, which is something I love in a blog. Victoria sounds like a really lovely lady who I feel I have a lot in common with and would definitely choose to be friends with her if we ever met offline!


You may already know that I’m currently redecorating my room and completely love interior design. I could quite happily browse through interiors magazines all day, but with Victoria’s blog around I simply don’t need to. She posts such lovely photos of her own home, which has a shabby chic, vintage theme that I really adore. I will often check out her blog when I’m looking for inspiration for my own home.

Down-to-earth products

As much as I love reading blogs, sometimes I can struggle to relate to them when they only seem to post very expensive and high-end products. I simply do not have the budget to afford things like that, which is why I absolutely love the fact that Victoria is fantastic at finding reasonably priced dupes of many high-end products. I know that when I read her blog I will actually be able to treat myself to the things she is posting about, which is great (although possibly not so great for my bank account as it makes me want to buy more!)

Outfit posts

I love a good OOTD post and this is definitely one of Victoria’s good points. She has mastered a pose for her outfit posts and always looks gorgeous in whatever item of clothing she is modelling. I love the fact that she tends to wear dresses and skirts, as I’m not always that confident in wearing them but seeing how beautiful they look on Victoria makes me want to buy them even more!

Competition Wins

If you’re an avid reader of Ramblings of a Jaffa Cat you’ll know that one of my hobbies is entering competitions. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember, but always a bit half-heartedly, moaning that I never win anything. On Victoria’s Vintage, she wrote a post giving hints and tips for entering competitions and it has proved incredibly useful to me. I had never thought of using things like Twitter, but since I’ve been putting more effort into my comping I’ve been winning a lot more, which I can only thank Victoria for! Plus, I love seeing all the incredible goodies she manages to win!

Love of Cath Kidston

I’m a massive fan of Cath Kidston, which is another reason for me loving Victoria’s Vintage. Victoria often frequents her local Cath Kidston Outlet store, picking up some amazing bargains and beautiful pieces. It is definitely my guilty pleasure seeing what she picks up and then using it as an excuse to treat myself.


I expect you’ll be aware by now that I love to do a bit of baking, and it’s not just making things, I also love seeing what other people bake. Victoria has a little business making cakes for local people and they look so delicious. Just recently she baked this incredible cake for her niece, which inspired me to bake something similar for my sister’s birthday.

Amazing Hauls

Something I particularly love about Victoria’s Vintage is the amazing hauls she manages to pick up. You can see in this photo her Cath Kidston Outlet Haul, but Victoria manages to find fantastic bargains from places like Poundland, Primark and Dunelm. Again, I’m not sure how much my bank balance likes this, but I certainly enjoy seeing what she has bought!


I’m a massive lover of furry friends – my blog is named after my cat and we also have another cat as well as two dogs, so it’s lovely being surrounded by pets. I also love bloggers who share their own furry friends with their readers, and Victoria does just that. She has the most beautiful Ragdoll cat called Merlin. He looks incredibly soft and cuddly and has the most piercingly beautiful blue eyes. I always enjoy seeing new photos of Merl on the blog, especially if he’s getting up to mischief!

So, I expect that is more than enough to convert you to a fan of Victoria’s Vintage and I really hope you will enjoy reading her blog as much as I do. I’d also like to thank Victoria for keeping such a beautiful and entertaining blog – keep up the good work!

*All photos were taken by Victoria from Victoria's Vintage

I love to find new blogs to follow, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.


  1. I love Victoria's Vintage such a pretty blog and adorable kitty :D

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xxx

    1. It's great isn't it Jordan and I agree that Merlin is gorgeous! xx

  2. Thank you so much for this Jenny :) Only just got round to reading it properly and it's lovely! xxx

    1. No problem at all hun - thank you for writing such a lovely blog for me to enjoy! xx

  3. I love Victoria's Vintage such a pretty blog and adorable kitty :D