Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thursday Throwback

I love looking back through old photos – I think it’s amazing how many emotions and memories a single photo can evoke. I thought I’d share an old photo with you for my Throwback Thursday.

This photo was taken when my youngest sister was still a baby, in our kitchen, long before it was decorated. Whenever someone had a birthday, my Mum would set a birthday table with balloons, party food and a yummy cake. Being a big family, we celebrate a lot of birthdays, so a month wouldn't go by without a family tea party, and we all loved them!

I loved having lots of brothers and sisters, as I always had someone to play with. We generally got on well and were always causing mischief together. Having a large family has definitely made me want to have more than one child, although obviously it will be a blessing if I’m able to have even one little bundle of joy.

Now that we’re all older, and doing our own things, it’s still lovely to be part of a big family. We don’t get all of us together very often any more, but when we do it’s like a big celebration. My brothers’ have girlfriends’ now, so our family is continuing to expand, and I love it. There is always someone to be there for you, no matter what. The next few years are going to be so exciting – one of my brothers is getting married and hopefully in the future I will get some little nieces and nephews!

Do you come from a big family, or are you an only child? How do you feel about family life when you were younger?

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