Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lush Neon Gift

I’ve been a Lush fan for as long as I can remember. I can still recall the first time I came across the brand. One of my best friends had a birthday party in our local shop, and we were treated to facials, foot massages and lots of pampering and food. I came away with a goody bag full of products to try, and have never looked back!

Every time I get out to our local shopping centre I will always pay a visit to the Lush store, even if it’s just to smell the latest products! The staff are always friendly and helpful, and that’s not restricted to my local store, as I’ve been to other stores where they are exactly the same. The online team are also fantastic – it would be great if some other companies could take note of Lush’s customer service, as they really do make you feel like a valued customer, which goes a long way when I’m deciding where to spend my pennies.

About a month ago, my Mum and sister went shopping in Reading. Unfortunately I was too unwell to go with them, but asked my Mum if she could pop into Lush and ask if they had a sample of something I might be able to try. I had also asked her to chat to a couple of make-up counters, as there were some products I wanted to swatch before buying them, and this story just demonstrates how brilliant the customer service from Lush is compared to some other beauty companies.

So, after spending the day resting and feeling pretty low, I was excited to hear my Mum’s car pull up on the drive. I was even more excited when my Mum came into the lounge carrying a Lush paper bag – I thought she must have picked me up a little something to cheer me up! Well, that was partly true; it was something to cheer me up, but my Mum hadn’t bought it for me (don’t worry, she didn’t steal it!) Her and my sister had popped into Lush before starting their shopping trip, and had got chatting to the manager of the shop. Mum had explained how much of a Lush fan I was, and how unwell I had been, and the manager asked if she would mind popping back to the shop before they headed home.

After a morning of hardcore shopping, they popped back to Lush, where the manager presented them with a bag containing the Neon Gift Box, as a gift for me to make me smile, but also to introduce to my lovely blog readers! I was truly gobsmacked by their generosity and kindness – I hadn’t expected anything like that at all, but it definitely cheered my day up. In contrast, my Mum had been to a couple of make-up counters, only to find there were no staff from that brand around, and other staff told her they couldn’t help her. I know which brand I’ll be shopping with in the future! Anyway, I wanted to show you just how awesome the Neon Gift is, so have taken some photos of what’s inside for you.

Lush Neon Gift*

Opening up the box!

First up, we have a 45g tub of Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie, which smells divine. The delicate damask roses create a creamy wash that feels like pure luxury on your skin. Perfect for using after a hard day at work to help you relax.

The second thing I found in my gift box was this retro Neon Love Soap, which is so bright you might need to wear your sunglasses in the bath! It is made with a blend of fresh figs and passion fruit juice, so smells delicious, and also contains soya yoghurt, which is said to nourish the skin.

Next up is the Dusk Til Dawn Massage Bar, made from a blend of stimulating and aphrodisiac ingredients, which make it perfect to share with that special someone! I must admit I’ve never tried using a massage bar before, so I’m very intrigued to see what this one is like.

Last, and by no means least, is the product I’m probably most excited about – Red Fun. Suitable for the bath or shower, Red Fun is made from an uplifting blend of mandarin and orange oils, making it a great wake-up product for those dark early mornings. But what makes this product particularly exciting is the fact that it has the consistency of Play dough! You can squish it and smoosh it and model it into all kinds of shapes. I can see my bath times taking a lot longer than usual as I embrace my inner child with this product!

Unfortunately, this particular gift doesn’t seem to be available on the Lush website but there is plenty more to choose from, and you can buy Fun, Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie and From Dusk Til Dawn separately. You’ll have to let me know if you decide to try anything!

Are you a Lush fan? What is your favourite product from them? Do you know any other companies who offer great customer service?

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  1. I am a serious fan of LUSH, always have been, always will. I rate their products extremely highly and love the Marshmallow Moment, the Comforter and the Ickle Robot. They smell amazing and l know I'm in for a real treat when I put them in my bath. I have honestly never witnessed customer service anywhere near as amazing in any other shop and dream one day to work in there myself. xx

    1. They're brilliant at customer service aren't they Vanessa? Like you've said, I've never come across another company with customer service as good as Lush - it's why it's one of my favourite shops :) Oo I have similar favourites to you - I love all the candy scents, especially Snow Fairy at Christmas! Wow yeah it would be amazing to work there! xx