Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Spotlight - 6th April 2014

This week, I’ve been loving…


I’ve kept a diary since I was about 6 or 7, and have never missed a day in all those years, which I think is pretty good going! I’ve always loved writing things in a secret little book that only I can read. I think when there’s a lot going on in your head that doesn’t necessarily make sense, it helps to be able to write it in a place that you know no-one else will be looking at. However, recently I’ve been seeing a lot of my friends and people I follow on Instagram and Pinterest doing ‘Art Journaling.’ I’ve seen all kinds of projects, from Wreck this Journal to Doodle Journals and Scrapbooks. I’m quite a creative person anyway and love doing arts and crafts when I can, so seeing all these images has really inspired me to give it a go. I’ve already got a Wreck this Journal, which I’m gradually filling in. Mine was a gift, but you can find them on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price. This week I decided to treat myself to a Smash book, which you can also find on Amazon. It’s like a scrapbook I guess, but one that slightly guides you with what to base each page on (although you can choose to ignore the backgrounds if you so choose!) If that wasn’t enough, a lovely friend of mine sent me an Art Journal this week, which I am so excited to get started on! This journal is a lot more guided, but I love it because sometimes I find it difficult to get started with a completely blank page. Once I’ve done some I will share my progress on the blog if you’d like?

Art Journal gift

Kind Gifts

This past week has been filled with kind and thoughtful gifts, which I feel incredibly grateful for. I’ve already mentioned the amazing Art Journal above, and another friend sent me a craft bundle, beautifully packaged, which included a handmade scrapbook. Both gifts were particularly special because it was obvious they had so much thought and love behind them, which I appreciate so much. A further exciting gift I received this week was from Lush in Reading. My Mum and sister had gone on a little shopping trip and I knew they were planning to pop in to Lush, so I asked them if they could ask if I might be able to have a sample or two to try. However, when they arrived home and presented me with a large gift box I couldn’t keep the smile off my face! They’d got talking to the manager in the shop and had mentioned how unwell I’d been over the past few months. She told them to go and do their shopping and pop in again before going home, which they did and were given this generous box full of goodies! I’m so excited to try the contents and review them on the blog!

Lush box of goodies and craft bundle from a friend

100 Follower Milestone

This afternoon, whilst browsing my Bloglovin’ feed, a little green number popped up next to my photo to indicate a message. I clicked it as normal and was absolutely over the moon when I read the words ‘Ramblings of a Jaffa Cat has reached 100 Followers!’ When I first started blogging I honestly thought that no one would really be interested to read my rambles, but to know that 100 people are interested in what I have to say is just crazy! I’m planning a little giveaway to celebrate, so am gathering a few bits and bobs together. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that over the next few weeks. I’m also thinking of celebrating by treating myself to a personalised blog design, so am doing a bit of research into that. Watch this space!

What has grabbed your attention this week? I love hearing about people’s new discoveries and you may end up sharing something that makes it onto my list next week!

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