Thursday, 3 April 2014

Keep Calm and Buy Pretty Stationery!

When I received an e-mail last week informing me that National Stationery Week was fast approaching, I let out an excited squeal! I absolutely love stationery – always have, always will. One of my favourite things when I was younger was going along to WHSmith or Rymans and stocking up on a new pencil case and accessories before a new term at school. And that has never changed. When I went to college I was exactly the same, and when I did some studying with The Open University I once again enjoyed stocking up on new pens, pencils and highlighters.

These days, I’m currently not studying, so have to look for other excuses to buy pretty stationery. But there’s always an excuse, right?! Writing a letter to a friend, making to-do lists or even planning for blogging – all of these scenarios are the perfect excuse to pay a visit to your favourite stationery shop. With National Stationery Week running from 31st March – 6th April I thought it was the ideal time to browse the Paperchase website and treat myself to a few new things. I thought I would take you through my wish list, and perhaps convince you to make a little purchase too!

Whenever I write letters, I always decorate them with cute and funky stickers, so when I discovered these gorgeously girly bird stickers (£1.50), they went straight on my list! At the moment I keep all my pens and pencils in a Friends pencil case I must have bought at least ten years ago. I thought it was about time for an update and thought this bird barrel pencil case (£5) would suit my requirements perfectly. As you may have noticed, I seem to have a bird theme going on in this collage – I just think they’re so pretty, but also represent freedom. This bird scrapbook (£11) particularly jumped out at me, as I thought it would be just the thing for a recovery scrapbook I’m considering putting together. The final thing on this collage is this gorgeous floral washi tape (£3), which can be used for all sorts of things from scrapbooking to decorating pens, pencils, rulers and so on.

As you can see from this collage, I have scrapbooks and notebooks on the brain! I just love having pretty notebooks to write lists in, plan blog posts in and just generally use for jotting down thoughts and rambles. I thought this pretty lilac notebook was a bargain at just £6, and looks pretty thick so should last for quite a while. Another couple of scrapbooks that caught my eye were the cute navy book (£10) covered in tiny colourful hearts and the ivory and grey book (£15), which would be ideal for wedding photos. Bottom right is a beautiful journal I happened upon while browsing through the Paperchase products and it really caught my eye. Journaling is something I personally find very helpful – it’s good to have somewhere to write down anything that’s going on in your head. And what better place to do it in than such a colourful and cheerful (£10) looking journal.

From previous posts you may have guessed that I love writing letters to pen pals, so I’m always on the lookout for pretty writing sets. This typewriter writing set (£6) really took my fancy, as I think it would be a lovely thing to open, especially if you’re not having a good day. Occasionally I’ll buy stationery just because it looks cute or pretty, even if I have no real need for it (I’m sure you can identify with this?!) I spotted these New York sticky notes for a brilliant price of £3 and couldn’t help popping them in my basket! I’ve no idea what I would use them for, but I’m sure I can find something to do with them! In my room, above my desk, I have a pin board, which I fill with my calendar and various notes and reminders. I’ve always thought drawing pins are rather boring, so when I spotted these turtle push pins I couldn’t help but smile, because they’re so darn cute! Another journal that caught my eye was this very pretty locked journal (£8), which reminds me so much of being young again. When I was little I remember being given a little diary with a lock and key. I must have been about 5 or 6, and this diary was what got me in to keeping a journal every day. I have written in a diary ever since, every day without fail, so I’d love to treat myself to this journal, if only for the nostalgia accompanying it. Lastly, I couldn’t do a post on stationery without including a Pink Pritt Stick (£2.75). I’ll always find a need for glue, so why not make it a bit more exciting and go for something other than white?!

So, that’s my stationery wish list and I’m definitely hoping to treat myself to a few items on here, if only as a way of celebrating National Stationery Week!

Are you a stationery fanatic? Where is your favourite place to buy stationery from and which piece could you not live without?!

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  1. I'm such a stationery fanatic, it helps me to focus and feel inspired when I've got fun materials to work with :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I know what you mean Charlotte. Fun stationery always makes work more fun!

      Jenny xx