Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A few beauty favourites

I love to read posts by other bloggers that talk about their favourite products, as it always gives me ideas of things to try and it’s nice to hear a real person talk about them, as you know you’re getting an honest review. With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few of my beauty favourites from the month of April!

I’ve been using quite a wide range of products this month – some are fairly new to me, whereas others are trusty old favourites that I’ve had in my cupboard for months, if not years.

SBC Collagen Gel

I received this moisturiser as a gift when I subscribed to Glamour magazine, and to be honest it sat in my cupboard for a few months gathering dust, as I thought it would be too greasy for me. This month I decided to give it a try, as being in hospital has made my skin so dry I thought it could do with something a bit richer. I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t start using it sooner! It is far from greasy. You only need a small squirt to cover your face and d├ęcolletage and it feels so cooling and refreshing. I’ve been using it before I go to bed and am impressed by how quickly it sinks into your skin. It has definitely left my skin feeling smooth and plumped, so I’ll definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out!

Avon Sleeptherapy Linen and Room Spray

I’ve had this in my bedside cabinet for years and it’s still not empty! I’ll admit I do go for long periods of not using it, but I’ve not been sleeping well for the last couple of months, so thought I’d bring it back out again. All you need is a few sprits’ before bed on your pillow and the scent really does help you feel relaxed and ready for sleep. I think the more you use it, the more your brain associated the smell with going to sleep, so it’s probably a good idea to continue to use it even when you’re sleeping well. Although I’ve had this a long time, I’m pleased to say that Avon are still selling it.

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

When I ordered my hot cloth cleanser last month, I decided to treat myself to a sample of this serum from Liz Earle. I think, once I’ve used up this sample, I’m going to have to buy a larger bottle, as it really is a lovely product. Like the SBC moisturiser, I use this as a treat before I go to bed, and massage a few drops into my face. The smell is divine and so relaxing – the mixture of lavender and chamomile really work well together. It definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and balances oiliness around my t-zone.

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream

We’ve had Sudocrem in our house since the day I was born, but it’s only fairly recently that I’ve discovered what a wonder-cream it really is! Obviously when we were babies it was used for standard baby ailments like nappy rash. But I’ve found it also works fantastically on breakouts of spots, rashes and general sore areas. If I’ve got a spot coming, I’ll dab a bit on before I go to bed, and the majority of the time, by the next morning the spot has shrunk in size and any redness has been greatly reduced. I’ve noticed that Sudocrem have branched out into other products, so I’ll be looking out for those on my next shopping trip.

Benefit Erase Paste

Over the years I have gone through so many different concealers that I’ve lost count of how many I’ve tried. Although Erase Paste isn’t particularly cheap, I’ve always found myself coming back to it, because it’s just so darn good! It seems to be the only concealer I can find that offers great coverage without looking cakey or orange. I’m a big fan of Benefit anyway, so it doesn’t surprise me that my favourite concealer comes from them!

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter

I’m a self-confessed Soap and Glory addict, and am yet to find a product of theirs that I don’t like. I was introduced to the brand after a friend gave me a gift box for Christmas one year, and since then I haven’t looked back! Although I love all their products, one of my all-time favourites has got to be The Righteous Butter. It has such a unique scent that you can immediately tell it’s a Soap and Glory product, but most importantly it really does work miracles. I use it as a hand and body cream, and apply it to dry patches like elbows and knees. After a few applications my skin feels soft and supple again, and I just love the way it sinks effortlessly into your skin.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

I have a bit of an embarrassing story to tell about this product. When I first received it as part of a gift set, it cam with a couple of lip balms, so I didn’t really bother to read the label. After removing the lid, I assumed it was a different style of lip balm, so I got to work on applying it to my lips. I did think the texture felt a bit odd for a lip balm, and went to put the lid back on, at which point I noticed that it was actually cuticle cream! Please don’t laugh at me! When I realised what it was actually meant to be used for, I have found it so incredibly useful. I often get painful hangnails, which I discovered occur more if your cuticles are too dry, so I started applying this balm regularly and I’ve noticed a big difference. I still get the odd hangnail, but nowhere near as often as I did, and my cuticles look healthy and tidy for once!

Nivea Soothe and Protect Lip Balm (SPF 15)

I started using this lip balm while I was in hospital; because my lips became so dry and chapped I wanted something that would be gentle and soothing on them. This was the perfect choice – after a couple of days my lips were back to their normal, healthy selves and I’ve continued to use it in the hope it will keep them looking nice. It’s also got the added bonus of containing SPF 15, so will protect your lips from the sun, even on those grey miserable days we’ve been getting.

Have you used any of these products, and if so, what do you think of them? Do you have any other favourite products this month?

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