Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Spotlight - 9th March 2014

This week, I’ve been loving…

Smile for M.E.

A couple of weeks ago I got a parcel in the post (nothing strange there, that’s what usually happens when the postman comes!) However, I hadn’t ordered anything and I didn’t recognise the writing as one of my friends. When I opened it I found a goody box from Lush, with a little note saying I had been nominated by a friend to receive a gift to make me smile. It was from a charity called Smile for ME, which is run by two ladies (Alice and Gracey) who both have M.E. themselves. They’re doing an amazing thing, using their illnesses in a positive way, as they know how much a parcel can brighten someone’s day when they’re unwell. On their website you can nominate someone you think could do with an extra smile, and despite not being well, the girls will consider all nominations. The charity is obviously dependent on having enough money, so if you’re looking for a good cause to donate to or fundraise for, take a look at Smile for M.E. and make your friends and family aware of it.

Cute pictures (Weheartit)

Ages ago, I discovered an app called Weheartit but it’s taken me a while to actually look at it properly. If, like me, you like searching for cute and funny pictures, then this is the app for you! I actually find it quite addictive and my phone memory is filling up fast with pictures I’ve found there. My friends are probably getting fed up with me, as I keep sending them pictures I like, in the hope it will make them smile as much as it made me smile! If you don’t have a Smartphone you can also just look on the website for the same pictures. I particularly like this photo, as it reminded me of when we put glasses on our dog!

Image from Weheartit

Spring Flowers

Finally, after what seems like months on end of rain and grey skies, it’s actually beginning to feel a bit like Spring! For a start, we’ve had two days of uninterrupted sunshine and blue skies, with not a rain cloud in sight. All of a sudden, our back garden is awash with colour again, which is so lovely when you look out of the window. We’ve got daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses and some other flowers that I don’t know the names of; I just know they’re pretty and make me smile! I’m hoping this isn’t too good to be true and that we’re finally saying goodbye to Winter and hello to warmer, sunnier days.

What has grabbed your attention this week? I love hearing about people’s new discoveries and you may end up sharing something that makes it onto my list next week!


  1. I nominate you too to smiles for m.e not knowing you had just had a parcel from them :)

    1. Ah thank you for thinking of me Hun :) I hadn't really heard of them until the other week, but it's such a lovely idea! XxX