Friday, 1 November 2013

October round up

A collection of my favourite things from the month of October

I’m your typical girl, who just loves bags, shoes and accessories in general. I was given this lovely Accessorize handbag for my birthday, which includes multiple pockets, including a special padded pocket to pop your tablet in.

This month I’ve really been enjoying watching Educating Yorkshire on Channel 4. You’d think working in a school would mean I wouldn’t then want to watch a programme about the goings on in a Secondary School, but I thought it was brilliantly put together and shows just how much work and personal investment staff put into educating and supporting young people. I can’t wait for another series!

I also decided to treat myself to a couple of pairs of new shoes. I’ve been lusting over a pair of Timberlands for years, so when I got a bit of birthday money I thought I’d pop into my local Office and try some on. I tried on a couple of pairs – one was more of a shoe, while the other was a higher ankle boot. They were both comfy, but I went for the ankle boot as it gives me a bit more support. I’ve also wanted a pair of Converse for ages, and was particularly keen on a pair of cute pink ones I kept seeing in shop windows. However, when I went shopping I found this grey and pink pair and couldn’t resist getting them instead. Perhaps in the Spring I will treat myself to the pink pair too!

Things I’ve learnt this month…

+   Family are so important
+   I have some pretty special friends
+   I still manage to baffle my GP with my health!
+   I’ve discovered I actually like popcorn
+   My family are pretty lucky when it comes to pub quizzes
+   No matter how many I’ve had, I still want my Mum with me when I have a blood test
+   Being sent/given a bunch of flowers really cheers me up
+   Jumpers are one of my favourite items of clothing
+   Natural yoghurt and honey are a yummy combination
+   Some friendships are too one-sided
+   Sometimes you just need to put you pyjamas on and hide from the world
+   Finding Mr Right is an impossible task
+   I’m definitely a Yorkshire girl at heart
+   If you’re going on a long train journey, always book a seat!

What to look out for in November

Doctor Who returns to our screens with a 50th Anniversary special on the 23rd November and I for one can’t wait! I’ve been watching it since Christopher Ecclestone and have been trying to catch up on some of the older episodes with my sister (who is the World’s biggest Doctor Who fan!) It will be great seeing all of the old Doctors together in one episode and I’m hoping for lots of the old baddies too! And for hardcore fans you can even visit your local cinema to see the episode in 3D.

Christmas is drawing nearer, so in November I will be hunting for an advent calendar. These days there are so many choices – from your traditional nativity scene to the typical chocolate one, to a beauty themed one. I’ll be doing a post soon on all the choices out there, so keep your eyes peeled!

John Lewis Wooden Advent Calendar

On the 21st November, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will come to a cinema near you. I’ve read the books, and I’ll admit at first I really wasn’t sure it was my kind of thing. But I was quickly hooked and loved the first film. I’m hoping the second instalment will bring as much action and drama as the first. Catch the trailer here.

Party season will soon be upon us, so I’ll be using November to hunt for the perfect dress (or three!) I’ve found a few favourites so far, but I’m sure there will be plenty more to choose from as the month goes on.

Do you have any favourites or things you’ve learnt in October? What are you looking forward to in November?

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