Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Spotlight – 6th October 2013

This week, I’ve been loving the following…


So, on Friday I turned 25. I’ve been kind of dreading it to be honest – a quarter of a century and I feel like I haven’t achieved enough. But aside from that, I wanted to try and enjoy it as much as I could. I was truly spoilt by family and friends, and apart from having to work in the morning, I had a fairly quiet, relaxed day, with cake and candles in the evening. I then spent Saturday at a National Trust place with my Mum and Dad, which was lovely.

Downton Abbey

I’ll admit I never used to follow Downton Abbey. I kind of missed the first couple of series and then thought it was a bit late to start watching. But every series seems to come with so much hype and I starting getting a bit jealous that I couldn’t be part of discussions with friends about it. So, when this series came around I decided I’d give it a go, and now I’m wishing I’d started sooner! I’m completely hooked, and have also got my parents watching it with me. It’s really nice to snuggle down on the sofa on a Sunday evening for just over an hour of quality period drama. I just wish I’d seen the first few series!

If you’ve not seen Downton yet, or are a fan but want more information, check out the ITV Website 


I’ve really noticed the darker nights (and days!) creeping in on us over the past week or so and it’s made me want to brighten up the house to make it feel cosier. One of my favourite things about this time of year is being able to light lots of pretty candles – it just makes those autumn evenings so much more appealing. I’ve got a bit of a stash of Yankee candles and wax tarts, as well as other random candles I’ve bought or been given, so I’ve been making sure my room is full of flickering candles of an evening. The fragrances I’m burning at the moment are Fluffy Towels and Vanilla, but I’m looking forward to breaking out the Christmas candles in another month or so, and I’m hoping to try some of the new ones too!


What has grabbed your attention this week? I love hearing about people’s new discoveries and you may end up sharing something that makes it onto my list next week!

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